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What if: Every time you spent something it meant something.


  • Partner with loyal customers to support the cause they care about.
  • Promote your business by giving back to the community in the name of Giv Cuz donors.
  • Determine a contribution that is right for your business and allows Giv Cuz donors to make small contributions that add up in a meaningful way.
  • Non-Profit

  • Avoid donor fatigue.
  • Welcome contributions from donors and potential donors in a no pressure user friendly, ongoing platform.
  • Offer donors a way they can help recruit other donors and find business partners to join in support of your organization.
  • Offer an alternative to the monthly email blast and the tired old fundraising walk a thon gala dinner silent auction annual offerings.
  • Donors

  • Help friends to support the cause they care about too.
  • Partner with a business that cares and shares your passions.
  • Contribute to non profit/common good organizations with everyday purchases you were going to make anyway.
  • Be a partner